Sunday, August 5, 2012

Year Without Walmart Update

Sooooooo, I was doing so good. From January to about May I didn't go to Walmart but I think one time? Well, I have gone about three times over the summer. Twice because my father (who I drive on errands because of his vision) insisted on going. But at least once I went on my own volition. I admit, I was lured by the back to school prices. I happened to be in Mississippi where the state tax is lower and had an opportunity to be child free during back to school shopping. I was weak, I caved. But I did save...

Overall, it's not been hard to avoid it. I use Target, grocery stores, Amazon (GREAT prices on  Gluten Free foods if you need them! Organic too.) Wal-Mart is fairly easy to avoid.

Will I go back to shopping there when this experiment is over? Probably. But probably not at the frequency I was before. I buy less STUFF by not going there because I focus on locally owned grocery stores. I'd rather put my money in a family owned local business than a huge conglomerate. I'm blessed with a variety of stores to choose from, I realize not everyone has that choice. I appreciate the deals WM affords people, I just wanted to see if I COULD do it. Admittedly, it's not easy and I've not gone COMPLETELY without shopping at WM, but I've done pretty good.

Thanks for following my journey! I'll do a final update at the end of the year.


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