Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year Long Crochet a Long and Knit a Long

Heylo all! In case you've missed it, roughly 6 months ago I started learning how to crochet and knit. I am loving it. If I'd known I could craft while sitting on my butt watching Big Bang Theory, I'd have never learned to sew! (But then, I probably wouldn't have ever learned how to make fabric buttons, so I'm glad I did!)

But I digress, as usual....

Anyhoo, I participated in a fun Crochet a Long (CAL) where I ended up with a beautiful sunburst granny square afghan. I truly enjoyed it and now it's time to take my turn hosting!!

You need to be on ravelry to truly participate, so hop on over and join! It's free and a great place for patterns and showing off your work!

It will be a MONTHLY project that goes on ALL YEAR. Each month we will do a new dishcloth/towel/washcloth. Crochet AND knit patterns will be available, so you can do one, some, all or none!! If you do each month, in the end you'll have 12 handmade washcloths!!

Patterns will be posted and all I ask is you share your progress, pics and lessons learned in the Ravelry group!

You can find the group here:
Mama's Monthly Dishcloth KAL and CAL

The January project is listed so hop to it!! :)


1 comment:

Patty said...

Oh, Amy! This sounds fun (and I NEED some new dishtowels, LOL!), so I'll go over to sign up today!!!


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