Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crochet a Long--FINISHED!

I really can't believe it's finished. I didn't think it would go that fast! I participated in the Crochet a Long from Scotti over at OxfordFamily/InnerHooker. 
88 squares of Sunburst Granny Squares surrounded by white triple and double crochets. I have no clue how many stitches, but I'm guessing thousands!

It is a perfect afghan for cold winter nights coming! I love it, and I love that it's pretty on both sides! The "wrong" side is a bit more puffy but doesn't have the window pane effect that the "right" side has. (I did that on purpose.)
What do you think?? :)


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

It's just gorgeous!

coltpixy said...

It is so beautiful! I love the colors.

Heather said...

Beautiful! Great job!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This blanket is wonderful. I really like your bright, cheerful colours!


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