Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Mama's Been Up To...

I admit...I take on too much...and things slip through my fingers...such as blogging. In my defense, I have stayed on top of Daily Handmade Picks!! I have help with the lovely Danyel of Crazy Socks Crochet helping me do picks. If you haven't checked it out, please do! We really aim to choose unique, quality, lovely pieces each day! One little jewel to feast your eyes on each day!

So, I've not been able to add any tutorials and such for a bit, I apologize! Just WHAT have I been doing?

Well, I've been continuing my Year of Living Frugally! It's going well, I sufficiently stocked up in Nov-Jan so that Feb/March required much less grocery shopping! Couponing, watching sales, stocking up, it really does work!

Also, my littlest one started 3 hour a day preschool early intervention. While that gives me a few precious hours, business has picked up and kept me busy. He is LOVING school, and for those that followed his story, his Autism is what I consider nearly 'cured'. If you didn't know he had it, you wouldn't even notice. Sure, he has meltdowns, and has his little obsessions that you have to work with, but he's three, and some of that is normal!! He's adjusted wonderfully to school, and his speech is doing fabulous! If not for the food issues we have, I'd consider him completely 'cured'. (I say cure, but I look at Autism as you would may beat cancer and put it in remission but you never take away the fact that you had it and it could come back. I see Autism like that. If we gave him gluten, stopped his therapies, his symptoms would return.). So I feel very confident by the time he's in kindergarten or first grade, he will no longer need his IEP services and may be able to just need a 504 plan (for his sensory issues). He's doing wonderful, my little buddy!

His big brother is also doing well in school, learning to read and loves kindergarten. I can't believe the school year is almost OVER!! Where has it gone?? He's working hard to learn to ride a bike, and Daddy is working on that with him. :)

Personally, I've been busting my tail on my businesses, my handmade goodies. I thank everyone who takes the time to check out my shops, share my work and purchase my work! I truly enjoy what I do and can't imagine not doing it. Who knows what the future holds, but I hope I'm buried in fabric for a long time to come!! :)

I'm also continued my Operation Simplify! I've successfully purged the house several times, donating the items. I've even purged my supplies! (GASP!) I gave up making handmade soap for profit, as much as I loved it, I realize I just didn't have the time. I will soap some for my boys but has sold or is selling the rest of my supplies. If you need anything, please check out Destash City, I plan to list more there ASAP.

My Handmade Louisiana team is about to celebrate two years!! I can't believe it's been 2 years since Merry, Lisa and I sat in that coffee shop and created Handmade Louisiana!! Stop on by if you haven't lately, we have a lovely new blog author, Baby Deary who is helping me out a ton with the blog!

Overall, things are well, I am happy and the family and businesses are good! I pray each of you are having the same experiences and enjoying this life while we have it! Things are bad out there, life is scary, but I go to sleep each night safe in the belief that we are not alone, God is in control and I pray for all our safety and joy!

Stay tuned, April will be a busy month! It's Badge Reels' 1 year anniversary and since Earth Day is in April, Micro Mops will be having some goodies!!

Happy Spring!!~~


PussDaddy said...

I'm about to learn how to live frugally too when my hubby retires. I should already be doing it right now. Oddly I expected to see socks in CrazySock's shop. I don't know why. Maybe I'm crazy. Her stuff was cute tho. I'm glad your kid is doing well with his autism.


PussDaddy said...

OMG we purged too. We repainted, recarpeted, retiled, got new furniture, and purged and purged and purged and are still purging although we have slowed down a lot and now we are just adding stuff to a bag to haul off when it gets full. I love owning less junk and would like to own even more less junk.


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

I miss chatting with you oh furry one!! :)

I think at one time Danyel did do socks?? I'm not sure how she got her name! LOL She made the sock monkey hat I have, I love it!!

lol ironically my anniversary present from my husband (per my request) is a new kitchen faucet! LOL

Michelle said...

Sounds busy-busy-busy!!


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