Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too many Crafts, not enough time....

Seriously, I need mental help. I have got to stop thinking. I just want to do TOO many things! I gotta pick a craft and stick with it..but I know I can't, because I'll get bored! :) I sew awhile, get bored; soap awhile, get bored; flower pen make awhile, get bored. Then there is the fabric obsession..... shhhh.

And what do I go and do? Create a FOURTH Etsy shop and 2nd Artfire shop! DestashCity is my new shop to PURGE some of what I have because since I can't stop myself from buying new and cool fabric, I gotta get rid of what I got!! I've even taken to listing fabric on craigslist!! Thats when you KNOW you have a problem.

So I ask, what are YOU working on? I am working on:
Prep for neice's baby shower (yeah for girls!)
Laundry Detergent thanks to CosmicCleanBody for her unscented, uncolored CP soap!
Grocery Bag holder (for sewing group monthly project)
and listing stuff I made months ago I STILL haven't listed!! Oye, I know...

So what are you guys up to? Whatcha making new??



Gazed- Upon Glass and Cosmic Clean Body said...

Hey! I was thinking about making a bag holder too! I have TONS not listed also. Can't wait to see the detergent! :)

Embellished Bayou said...

I hear ya sister! I go back & forth between making frames & sewing stuff and then wanting to paint something else to transform it! Have fun with whatever you do!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm the same way! Here's what I have in the works:

~ Bracelets for my commission shop
~ Making more hemp and setting up a section in my Artfire
~ I have a scarf that's about 15 mins from being finished
~ Mom is planning on teaching me to crochet...
~ A St. Petersburg Chain bracelet
~ Cross-stitch bookmark


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