Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brand Spanking New Giveaway!! Get CLEAN with this one!

It's time for a new giveaway!!!! And since I am already doing tapped out myself (10% of purchase price on ALL items in BOTH shops this month goes to National MS Society), I have recruited the help of some of my favorite shops!
The first one is DAZZLE DOTTS! Dot will be our giveaway sponsor for the next WEEK!

Here is your mission..should you choose to accept it:

Visit DazzleDott's awesome shop by clicking her name and/or the photos posted in this blog post.
Check out her shop and report back here! Leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST ONLY, stating your FAVE item in her shop (links preferred!) and WHY!
At the end of the week, I'll use my nifty random number generator (my son or husband--I like that vs. a computer doing it for me!) and we'll pick a winner from the comments!!

What will you win? Funny you should ask!

Red Hot Sexy Cinnamon Soap!!
So go check out her shop and let's learn a little about Ms. Dott!

Shop Name and URL:DazzleDott

How did you get started on Etsy and in your craft? I got started on Etsy through the advice of a friend who suggested I start selling my soaps online. I always wanted to sell my soaps on-line but I had no idea where to start! (You can find her here and here!)
As far as soap making goes, I started when I was sixteen and by far it is my favorite thing to do. I have done cold-process soap making, and melt and pour and I have discovered it is much more fun to do cold-process. This way you can decide actually want you want in your soap.

What is your FAVORITE item to make?
My favorite item to make would be my marshmallow dream soap!

What advice do you have for Etsy Newbie Sellers? I have been on Etsy for a short time and I have learned so much. As far as advice goes, post/renew items several times throughout the day. Purchase a showcase or two, get into the chat rooms and talk with the wonderful people here! Never give up, and never stop doing what you love doing.
If you could buy one thing on Etsy, money no object, what would it be? If I could buy one item from on Etsy is would be a custom made loopy boopy doll. I absolutely love the shop and all of the work!

Now here's some great items in DazzleDott's shop you simply must see!


Sweet Treat Your BOdy said...

I Love the Marshmellow Dream Soap!! It just looks like it smells delish!

mindy said...

i can easily see why the marshmallow dream is you favorite it was a hard choice but i love that one

mom2anutball said...

I love the Grave Diggers Handsoap!!

Sherry and Gena said...

Very Very hard choice...but I am choosing the blueberry body cream. The Blueberry Whipped Body cream because I think my husband would love me smelling like blueberries!!
Next with Valentine's day coming up I would pick the Red hot cinnamon giveaway item..perfect for Valentines. Now I gotta go check out that marshmallow everyone is talking about.

tlcfromtn said...

The Pineapple Confusion sounds good to me! Thanks!

braaisjo at gmail dot com

Renee G said...

I'd love to try her bubble gum hand soap.

wendy said...

Happy Hippie can you not wnt to try it with a name like that?:)

madmerkf at aol dot com

cdziuba said...

Oh my goodness, the Blueberry Body Cream is amazing! I LOVE blueberries, I don't know whether I'd eat it or use it! lol

Anonymous said...

My favorite would be the Honey Oatmeal. I love Oatmeal soaps and I bet the honey makes a wonder smell!

MisfitMookie said...

I would choose the Pineapple Confusion Handmade Soap! Thanks for the great giveaway!
misfitmookie at

Anya said...

The Pineapple Confusion soap looks great. I can almost smell it from here.

Carla said...

I like the grape seed punky oil soap. Anyone who can make a great item has a wonderful talent THANKS!!!

dominican757 at gmail dot com

deb126 said...

My favorite would be the Honey Oatmeal but I am leaning toward the Marshmellow dream too, thanks for the fantastic giveaway, would really love to win

ceejay said...

Hey, MLM! Great giveaway.

I absolutely love fruity-smelling stuff. So my fave is the Tangerine-Poppy

Mindy's Handmade Crafts said...
This is cucumber melon scented to soap and it is my favorite because thats one of my favorite scents

Anonymous said...

Grave Diggers Handsoap si so cool. Thank you so much for your giveaway.


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