Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheesecake and Coffee

:) That got your attention now didn't it! :) MUH-HA HA (evil laugh). I realize I should be doing more actual blogging..*sigh*. So here we go....ummmmmmm. Oh right, I have a BRAND SPANKING NEW shop to tell
you about! (look I even made it clickable...just click it darnit..)

WHAT is Fleur De Ink you ask? WELL....I have such fun making my flower pens (and actually had some sales!) that I decided they did not so much go with the whole theme of my other Etsy shop Soo, I decided to make one solely dedicated to flower pens...hence..FLEUR DE INK! :)

I have many pens already listed and many more I NEED to list! As well as a custom listing I will have available with pics of the flower choices and you can customize your pens from that listing! I'm very excited about the soon coming arrival of my assorted colors of floral tape!! (Yes, I get easily excited.)
So now I can go nuts with the color choices!

Not to mention, thanks to a fellow Etsian, The Curious Spork, I will soon have some adorable polymer clay charms to adorn my pens with! This excites me tremendously (again...easily done...) because I plan to put out support flower pens, primarily in October for Breast Cancer Awareness and I will be donating 10% of the purchase price to support Breast Cancer research and awareness. (More charities will follow.)

I am also pleased to show off some wedding inspired pens! Flower pens make a beautiful addition to your guestbook or as party favors! I can certainly help you out with that! :)

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